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"Global Communication" can offer

the various areas of consultation services :       

  • Academic(Stanford Univ.) and Industry relation
  • US-Japan-Europe business connections
  • Inter-Cultural consultant
  • Industry and Government relations
  • Information Technology, Medical Informatics, Environmental issues, Earth Science.
  • Education, Music and Art, Humanities, Business Management
  • Speech and voice related research
  • Medical , Bio and Healthcare Education Program
  • Aero, Astro and Aviation Education Program
  • e-Learning in US and Japan
  • Super Science Education
  • Coordinate Legal or Financial Management support
  • Translation or Interpreter Service
  • Bilingual Event Coordinator
  • VC or Investors connections
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • HR consultant in Bay Area
  • Stanford Spin Off information
  • Financial Service Adviser
  • China relation consultant

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. We are flexible for the service fee.

Masa and Yoko Kanamatsu

- Partner Consultants

 English- Japanese Bilingual

tel. 650-483-7705


Work as an evangelistic communicator for US-Japan and Academic-Industry relation.

Establish the collaborative projects between Stanford and Japanese industry.

Coordinate legal issues and the licensing arrangement with the full cross-cultural communications and understanding.

Have strong network in Asian industry and Governments.

Outstanding professionalism with excellent mediator skills.

Call us today for a FREE initial consultation! tel.650-483-7705


More than 10 years experience as International Business Consultant in Silicon Valley.

Stanford University Center for Study of Language and Information.

Industry Affiliate Coordinator

Courseware International Co.

Aviation Education Director

American Technical Inc.

HR Consultant for Japanese Industry

Local references available.

Call us today for a FREE initial consultation! tel.650-483-7705

  Japan Day at Stanford 2008

photo by Ms. Carolyn Gale

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